Garden Shed Design Plans

Garden Shed Design Plans

Building your own shed can be a very rewarding project. Here are five steps to include when you start your shed building venture. If you are going to be building your shed from wood, you will want to ensure that you have a good set of plans. Here are some questions you might be asking yourself.

What type of shed do I need?

Depending on what you are going to be putting in your shed, you will have a few choices of what type of shed to build. If you are only storing garden equipment such as lawn mowers and such items, then you’ll need quite a bit of floor space. If you are going to be storing boxes and containers, then you’ll be looking at something with some shelving.

Garden growing sheds usually need both a planting table as well as space for your shoves, rakes and other garden tools.

What plans do I choose?

Plans come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. If this is just a once off project and you know exactly what type of shed you want, then you could just buy a single shed plans (although much more expensive in per plan costs). Garden Shed Design PlansIf you think that you might want to see a few different types before you decide for sure which one is right for you, then a collection of plans is suitable. Although the collection might be more expensive, the cost per plan will be much reduced.

Find shed plans that include step-by-step instruction and if you can find some with online support, this will help if you run into some problems and need a little helping hand without having to spend any more money.

What is the best location for my shed?

Before you start building your shed, make sure that you don’t need to have planning permission to build. The size of the shed is the primary deciding factor. Although you want to build as big a shed as you possibly can, at some point the size will mean having to get a building permit which will cost more money.

If you don’t need a permit, then you can build it anywhere you like. The best locations are on flat ground with good water drainage.

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What kind of foundation will my shed need?

The length of time your shed remains functional is directly proportionate to the quality of it’s foundations. Dry and level are the best and although there are a lot of different foundation systems, the simplest are often the best. Keeping the base wood elevated off the soil will prevent damp from rising and damaging the wood.

What kind of finish should I give my shed?

Painting you shed is a personal choice. Depending on where it is located and whether you think your shed needs to blend in or not, you can make that decision. Often just a little varnish or treatment will do just fine, but weather conditions will also play a vital role in your decision making.

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