Types of Garden Sheds

Pool houseLets look at some of the different kinds of garden sheds that there are. Some are built using garden shed plans, and others come from kits, but whichever way there are quite a few styles. We have garden and storage sheds, gazebos, pool cabanas, small cabins, garages, home studios and playhouses.

Lets take at each one by itself:

Garden and Storage Sheds

These are the practical ones. The ones for garden tools and lawn equipment, they can be rustic to formal, with trim and molding. Single doors, double doors or barn doors, Often these can be wood storage sheds but they can also be made out of metal, or even plastic. There are a lot of storage shed kits that one can use for building a unit for your yard.

Pool Houses and Cabanas

These are often buildings of fantasies, summers laying around the pool, special drinks, stylish women and untold wealth. In reality they are practical buildings. Pool house combine changing areas for swimmers with storage spaces for pool equipment and chemicals and often the filters and pumps. It is really a mixture of practical with decorative. Often a cabana is designed to match with the house and is usually located fairly close.


Cabins can be anywhere, close by or off in the woods. A small storage area, maybe built from lean to plans or shed instructions. Cabins are a space to get away and have a studio for painting or writing or even living. It is amazing how much can be fit into a small cabin and there is a whole art to living spaces fitting into a small cabin buildings.


Well here we have structure for the little guys. Many of these are much shorter and can be very decorative. Playhouses can be fun and very creative, often built from kits, with windows, fun doors all kinds of trim. Playhouse can be Victorian in design, or Firehouses, or small Traditional houses, Lighthouses, all kinds of things. There are lots of websites that carry kits including Amazon, you can also check the web for playhouse kits.


Well I guess this must be the most popular, usually built right into the house but sometimes a separate structure. These must be the most practical of outdoor storage buildings. This is where you put your car and store your stuff. Again check out the web for lots of garage building plans.

Home Studios

This will be the last of our stand alone buildings. Perfect for getting away from the main house, a place for peace to write or paint or woodwork or compose music. Often designs for bringing in light, they usually have power and maybe a bathroom. Usually they have more architectural design than a cabin or garage, they are a place for creative thinking.

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